Anders Christensson
Transport Coordinator

See every minute as an opportunity

Anders Christensson is the Transport Coordinator at Tamro, responsible for distribution to pharmacies. The job is about ensuring that the carriers responsible for Tamro’s deliveries arrive on time and achieve the right quality. The most valuable minute is the one that never needs to be used, and Anders is always striving to find various ways to enhance efficiency.

It is crucial for Tamro that our transports simply work. In my department, we ensure that all equipment, such as for temperature monitoring, is in the vehicles for every single trip, and that all systems are up to date. I also participate in a number of improvement projects focussing on our processes. Minor adjustments and improvements can always be made, whether that means packing the vehicles better or identifying smarter delivery routes.

I studied logistics at the University of Lund and my education dovetails very well with what I do at Tamro. Transportation, purchasing and project management are parts of my everyday life. I didn’t know a lot about Tamro when I applied here but now think I have found the right place. I have many knowledgeable, helpful and friendly colleagues. It's also gratifying to note that our drivers, out on the roads on behalf of Tamro, are so committed to our business.  

In my spare time I am a competitive angler. There too, the aim is to prepare well and to always try to be a little better. That’s what makes the difference when it counts.