Stay calm no matter what

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André Larsson

Group Manager

Behåller lugnet i varje läge

When a pharmaceutical arrives at Tamro it must quickly be stored in the right place. Otherwise the pickers have nothing to pick for the blue crates and operations come to a standstill. André Larsson, Group Manager at Tamro in Gothenburg, makes sure staff are on hand to take care of this. It's a task that requires decisiveness and the ability to stay calm even when things get tricky.

When I had my first job interview at Tamro I felt that there was a good atmosphere at the company. And that still holds true. I'm group manager for a great team and everyone wants to do a good job. That's most important – with the right attitude you can solve most problems you face. I also feel that Tamro is a company that invests in its staff, to ensure their well-being and the necessary conditions for performing well.

An important part of my role is to coach and support my colleagues. Authoritative leadership is a thing of the past; I want to give people the opportunity to take responsibility. Sometimes things are particularly stressful, such as days when many people are home sick or when a coworker feels that a task is too much. At times like that, I fall back on my overseas experience in the Swedish military, in the conflicts in Kosovo and Afghanistan. That taught me the importance of remaining calm under pressure and that difficult problems are best solved together.