Running IT projects across borders

Maria Lundman

IT project manager

Driver projekt inom IT över gränserna

Most things at Tamro have some relation to IT. Naturally this applies to the flow of goods all the way from goods receiving to shipping, but also to areas such as quality and communication. Maria Lundman is an IT project manager at Tamro in Gothenburg and works with tasks that can involve logistics units in Sweden just as easily as the German parent company PHOENIX. She conducts her work in close concert with her colleagues in the IT department.

There are always improvements to be made when you work with IT. Preferably, you want to take a preventative approach, and that's what Tamro does. All maintenance is scheduled and even small glitches are probed to prevent recurrence. This gives me great confidence in Tamro as a company. The entire organisation also understands that IT is central to operations – which I find fascinating.

I meet a lot of people in my work and constantly learn new things. It's rewarding for me personally and I benefit from my ability to see the whole. Another added bonus is that Tamro works with something that benefits society. Ethics and moral values are highly regarded and you feel especially proud to work for a company such as Tamro.