World champions in friendly greetings

Mia Nettum och Susanne Bryntesson Smedberg

Tamro's reception at head office

Världsmästare på vänligt bemötande

Sure, there's no world championship in friendly greetings. But if there was, we're pretty sure that Mia Nettum and Susanne Bryntesson Smedberg would share first prize. Mia and Susanne work at Tamro's reception at head office in Gothenburg and answer all incoming calls. With five decades of experience between them, they make sure that anyone who contacts Tamro is treated well right from the start.

The most important part of the job is to listen. How can I best help this particular person? Every call or meeting requires that we do our utmost. Everyone should be treated professionally and correctly, regardless of whether their enquiry is simple or complicated. The idea that Tamro should do the right thing no matter what is ingrained throughout the company and in many cases begins with us.

We're happy to come to work every day. We get the chance to meet so many nice people and that really peps you up. The atmosphere at Tamro is very good, and it's a stable and serious company. Being happy at work is important and it rubs off.