An exciting journey with quality as a companion

Sara Paulsson

Qualified person for pharmaceutical distribution

Spännande resa med kvalitet som följeslagare

Sara Paulsson qualified as a pharmacist, took a job at a hospital pharmacy and later transferred to pharmaceutical management within the Swedish armed forces – both at home in Sweden and in Kosovo. She then moved to Iceland to work as a pharmacist once more, fell ill on holiday in the Caribbean and stayed on for a while working at the local hospital pharmacy. Finally, she joined Tamro in Gothenburg as a qualified person for pharmaceutical distribution. The common denominator? That every patient should be able to rely on their medicine.

My work at Tamro involves ensuring that the pharmaceutical products we handle remain undamaged. So that patients receive medication that does what it's supposed to do and our clients – the pharmaceutical companies – can rest assured that this is the case. We follow strict rules and set ourselves stringent demands to maintain high quality throughout the chain.

As a qualified person for pharmaceutical distribution I'm responsible for a number of quality assurance issues, such as in picking, storage, delivery and deviation follow-ups. It all boils down to not compromising the quality of a pharmaceutical after it leaves the factory. It's a varied job in which I get to meet many friendly and capable people on a daily basis. For my part, it's also important that Tamro is a stable company with clear ambitions to be a leader in quality assurance.