Why choose Tamro?

Because we ensure the availability of pharmaceuticals at hospitals and pharmacies throughout Sweden. Our work is important to helping people stay healthy, improve their health and recover faster. We’re the market leader in pharmaceutical logistics in the Swedish market and part of an international group. Tamro offers you great opportunities for professional and personal development. 

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General application

Do you like the idea of working at Tamro? If so, send us a general application, even if there aren’t any vacancies that match your skills set. We’re always looking to find pleasant and talented individuals. Write a few lines about what you’d like to work with, attach your CV and send your application to

Meet our employees

André Larsson
Group Manager

When a pharmaceutical arrives at Tamro it must quickly be stored in the right place. Otherwise the...

Emelie Bjerke
Financial controller

Stamina is a useful trait if you train a lot or work with accounting and budgets. Emelie Bjerke does...

Lotta Thiel
Supply Chain Coordinator

No question is too big or too small for Lotta Thiel, a supply chain coordinator at Tamro. Lotta has...

Magnus Richardsson
Service and logistics developer

Tamro has three key processes: goods acquisition, warehouse management and shipping. Each process is...

Maria Lundman
IT project manager

Most things at Tamro have some relation to IT. Naturally this applies to the flow of goods all the...

Pontus Weghammar
Human Resources Officer

Pontus Weghammar started working as a human resources officer at Tamro in 2012. He had recently...

Sara Paulsson
Qualified person for pharmaceutical distribution

Sara Paulsson qualified as a pharmacist, took a job at a hospital pharmacy and later transferred to...

Ulla Delfs Moss
Key Account Manager

Ulla Delfs Moss is Key Account Manager (KAM) at Tamro working with clients, i.e. pharmaceutical...

Mia Nettum och Susanne Bryntesson Smedberg
Tamro's reception at head office

Sure, there's no world championship in friendly greetings. But if there was, we're pretty sure that...