Training fanatic who likes mental exercise

Emelie Bjerke

Financial controller

Stamina is a useful trait if you train a lot or work with accounting and budgets. Emelie Bjerke does both. By day she works in a team of five at Tamro in Gothenburg keeping track of all the figures, which in turn are reported to our German parent company PHOENIX. Then she chooses to go for a run instead of taking the bus home – everything to make the most of the time she has to keep in shape.

I'm a structured person who likes to analyse numbers and outcomes. Before I joined Tamro, I worked as an auditor. Auditing so many companies broadened my knowledge and I developed a good feel for whether an outcome was reasonable. At Tamro, my work includes the monthly accounts and analysing areas of operations, as well as budget planning and forecasts.

One thing that distinguishes Tamro is all the procedure descriptions, which are very detailed and well-considered. This made life much easier for me when I started working here. Of course, it's also important that things are done properly. Tamro works in a field that is important to society. We ensure that people have access to medicine to help them get through the day – and for some people it's a case of life and death. The service we provide is not like other services, it has that special aspect.