Designing new flows for Tamro

Magnus Richardsson

Service and logistics developer

Tamro has three key processes: goods acquisition, warehouse management and shipping. Each process is carefully described and continually monitored, but they can always be improved and sometimes customers require custom solutions. Magnus Richardsson, a service and logistics developer at Tamro, collates all improvement suggestions, evaluates them together with his colleagues and helps implement the suggestions that are adopted.

Over the years, I've accumulated broad experience at Tamro, such as in business information and as coordinator for one of our key processes. Now I work as a service and logistics developer. It's a role that entails managing requests from customers and colleagues for improvements and changes to Tamro's process flows.

An important part of my job is meeting up with both internal and external stakeholders. The first stage involves discussing whether a suggestion is viable. The next stage, if we decide to move forward, is to drive the implementation and ensure that everyone involved is working towards the same objective. As work progresses we always face challenges and then you have to remain focused on the desired end result.

What I like about Tamro is that it's a good, stable company. Sometimes I feel that we're considered sluggish, but you mustn't forget that we handle pharmaceuticals. Tamro places great value on everything being done correctly. When we implement a change, we do so carefully so that everyone concerned, from pharmaceutical companies to patients, can have peace of mind.