First interim report from the new Pharmacy Market Committee

Åsa Kullgren submitted recently the initial findings of the New Pharmacy Market Committee to Sweden's Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, Gabriel Wikström. That which primarily concern the distribution of pharmaceuticals are the returns guidelines and the so-called 24-hour rule.

The committee's proposal for the 24-hour rule means that a patient should be able to visit a pharmacy up until 4 pm and, if their medicine is not in stock, be able to collect the item no later than 4 pm the following weekday. Tamro finds it reasonable that the committee propose equal service to the patient regardless of where the patient lives, and welcomes the clarification concerning how the 24-hour rule is to be applied. Ever since deregulation, Tamro has strived to secure good access to pharmaceuticals for Swedish patients and has implemented a number of measures to improve availability.

With Tamro as a partner, you can rest assured that we comply with the proposed regulations.