File integration.

We offer a file integration service that allows you to have files sent to you, with the information you need about your customers, stock levels and products. Everything is sent to your own business and information system, so that you can access all files in one place.

Keeps you updated

This service enables possibilities of different types of automated exchanges, such as file integrations of:

  • Purchase order
  • Details about incoming deliveries
  • Details about order receipt
  • Basic for invoicing
  • Delivery orders
  • Details about deliveries
  • Sales statistics

Two levels & several possibilities

Tamro handles systems such as Scala, Movex and SAP / R3. If your company use a less common system, we can find a solution for you too. You can choose to receive transfers every day, week or month. The files can also be transferred in custom formats, according to your wishes, or in standard formats such as EDIFACT. There are two ready-made options for those who need a file integration setup:

  • Standardized file integrations: Information is sent via FTP in Tamro's standard format.
  • Customer-unique file integrations: Information is sent via FTP with customer-unique content and set-up.