Administration of the environmental fee.

Any company that imports goods, packages goods and sells a product on the Swedish market carries an environmental responsibility. This means that the company has to pay a fee for the packaging material. The collection system is managed by the FTI - “Förpacknings- och tidningsinsamlingen”, whose operations are financed by the packaging fees. The FTI is owned by five materials companies: MetallKretsen, Svensk Plaståtervinning, Pressretur, Returkartong and Svensk Glasåtervinning (SGÅ).

We help your company reduce workload by managing the administration and payment of the fees. This work is ongoing and is based on the type of packaging in question and whether the packaging is easy or difficult to recycle. Packaging that is more difficult to recycle costs more than packaging that is designed to be recycled.

Since we handle the products through our distribution and warehousing department, we can seamlessly handle all measuring, weighing and reporting of the packaging materials to the FTI.

How it works:

Your company joins the FTI through a membership. We then act as your agent. Each month, we report data on the amount of packaging your company sent out, as well as calculate and pay your fee. We provide you with ongoing information regarding what has been reported.

Read more on the FTI website:

Do you have any additional questions?

Contact your nearest contact person or the operator at +46(0)31-767 75 00.