Batch release.

By law, all medicine offered on the Swedish market must be released and approved for sale in the EU before they can be sold. In order for Tamro, as a pharmaceutical distributor, to be able to handle and distribute a medicinal product, a release certificate is required from the pharmaceutical company holding the marketing authorisation (Market Authorisation Holder - MAH).

We can help you manage the administrative work involved in uploading the certificate. The process ensures a smooth delivery and avoids unnecessary delays and fees during the process regarding receival of goods.

Here's how it works:

You provide Tamro with your release certificates and we upload them into our web application. If an item that does not have an uploaded release certificate is entered into our system for goods reception, we will contact you immediately.

If you have any further questions?

Please contact your nearest contact person or Tamro's operator at +46(0)31-767 75 00.