Temperature logs during transport.

A lot of the medicine that we transport is temperature sensitive. If the temperature that the medication is exposed to is too high or too low temperatures, that could destroy it, preventing it from working as it should.  With this service, we can monitor the temperature during transport, and ensure that temperature-sensitive medicine has been handled correctly throughout the transport.

Many of our transports are carried out through fixed, regular workflows. These transports are continuously monitored. If any deviation in temperature occurs, we will quickly receive information about it and will immediately take appropriate measures.

In cases where transport takes place as part of other workflows, where real-time temperature monitoring is not possible, and your goods are of a temperature-sensitive nature, it is possible to monitor via a temperature log instead that is sent along with the transport. We offer temperature logs for both refrigeration and room temperatures. The logs are easy to read and a temperature curve can easily be created by the receiving party if the log raises any alarms.

If you want to send a temperature log along with the shipment, please indicate this to our customer service representative when placing your order.

Do you have additional questions?

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