Collaboration and development

Knowledge sharing

There is much knowledge to be found within Tamro’s four walls and we’re more than happy to share it with you. One annual event we organise is Tamrodagen, where representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, government authorities and other stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector meet and discuss current market issues. You also get the chance to exchange ideas with our business developers.  

Our innovation days are another initiative that is much appreciated. Technological development in society is rapidly gaining pace and offers new opportunities for us to develop together with our customers. Even if we think freely and with an eye to the future, there is much that results in concrete action in the here and now.

Sales and establishment

Sometimes you need help increasing your sales. Our digital services provide you with a valuable starting point from which to analyse and plan sales initiatives. You can also get help with more mundane tasks, such as distributing campaign materials to pharmacies.

Would you like to establish your business in the Swedish market? We offer tender support in public procurement. This covers everything from monitoring which tenders are appropriate to providing legal support. Do you plan to open a pharmacy and need secure and reliable deliveries of pharmaceuticals (Rx), non-prescription drugs (OTC) and other merchandise? Contact us for a proposal.

Our owner PHOENIX has also developed the All-in-One service concept, which is available throughout Europe. About 150 distribution facilities in more than 25 countries provide an unbeatable combination of reach and local presence. All-in-One gathers the service offerings of all group companies and makes them available to our customers. It paves the way for brand new opportunities in sales and establishment.

Order management and finances

The majority of our customers use EDI to manage their orders, but you can also place orders by phone. Our automated outstanding order fulfilment system ensures that patients get their medication as soon as possible following a temporary shortage. We offer flexibility when it comes to billing. If necessary, we can run credit checks on your customers and provide temporary financing against your warehoused goods.

Sometimes there’s a need to order goods for your pharmacy after hours. In such cases you can place a supplementary order via our customer service, which handles the matter manually. If possible, your order is included in a normal delivery round, otherwise a courier service is used. Hospitals can place emergency orders day and night.

We can also acquire pharmaceuticals that require an import licence.

Support in legal matters

The pharmaceuticals market is a complex and regulated world. Our specialists in regulatory and legal matters simplify your working day. You can get in touch as needed to check on legal matters and participate in our network meetings. We’re also flexible when it comes to the agreement process and can quickly draw up individualised agreements. Our ambition is to build a long-term, sustainable business relationship based on terms and conditions that benefit both parties.

Well-formulated agreements provide a firm foundation for successful partnerships. Meet Pontus Moberg, our General Counsel, who knows how to create winners on both sides of the table.