Considers each agreement a work of art

Pontus Moberg

General Counsel

Ser varje avtal som ett konstverk

Pontus Moberg is General Counsel at Tamro and has served the company for many years. His work entails formulating business agreements that meet the customer's market needs while fulfilling all appropriate legal requirements. Writing and negotiating agreements is an art form, and Pontus considers each agreement a work of art that all parties should want to sign.

When I joined Tamro at the end of the 1990s, the business climate was very different. A simple handshake went a long way; agreements were more of a formality. But times have changed, in our world and others, and today our ability to draw up agreements is a competitive advantage. We take a solution-oriented approach to agreement negotiations and are well acquainted with the Swedish market.

The ways in which an agreement can be formulated are limited only by the imagination. There's almost always a way to word things that keeps both parties happy. A pragmatic approach simplifies the process and any prestige has to be set aside.

I've enjoyed working at Tamro since my very first day. There are many good people here, with their hearts in the right place and a great deal of loyalty to the company. People who go the extra mile every day to ensure that patients receive all their medication. I also see a growing desire to innovate, which gives me great confidence in Tamro's future.