Quality and sustainability.

Safety for the entire ecosystem.

Sustainability from A to Z

It’s the small things done on a daily basis that lay the foundation for a sustainable society. Some things that Tamro have done to contribute to a sustainable society is:

  • We measure the fuel consumption of our delivery trucks and our Co2 emissions.

  • About 90% of our waste goes to recycling or incineration for energy recovery.

  • Tamro buy 100% green electricity to all our facilities.

  • Our transports take place by truck instead of flight, and the first choice for business trips is trains.

  • All our company cars are hybrid or electric cars.

• Read the PHOENIX Group's Sustainability Report of 2022–2023

• Read the Tamro Sustainability Report 2023/24 here

If you have any questions about the Sustainability Report or other questions related to Tamro’s sustainability work, please contact us at the following address:


Quality is central to everything we do

Our mission places high demands on quality, safety, efficiency and preparedness. All parts are equally important to ensure the supply of medicines to patients. The goods we handle can be sensitive during storage and transport. Some products may need to, in order to maintain the quality,  go through an unbroken cold chain. Our operations are regularly inspected by our customers, the Medical Products Agency and through self-inspections. We work with continuous improvement to drive our business forward.

We offer the opportunity for our customers to participate in a quality network with participants from the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies. The network meets up a couple of times a year to exchange experiences. You can also contact our quality experts and seek advice on more specific issues within GDP (Good Distribution Practice). On behalf of the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tamro also participates in educational initiatives to promote the industry, such as "GDP in practice".

Our quality policy

Tamro contributes to health through a secure supply of medicines, health products and related services in a responsible, proactive and respectful way:

  • In collaboration, we create services that meet the customer's expectations.
  • Through competence development and goal management, we strengthen our quality work, our employees and their commitment.
  • We evaluate, improve and develop our processes and our management system continuously.
  • We follow the regulations and regulatory requirements that our operations are covered by.
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Licences and certificates

At Tamro, we follow relevant regulations, GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)  and meet the standard requirements in ISO regarding Quality and environmental management systems. Within the PHOENIX Group, there are also requirements for compliance programs within anti-corruption, competition and conduct.

Down below, you can take part of current permits and certifications:


Kungens Kurva:





ISO certifikat:


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Recall of pharmaceuticals

Sometimes it’s necessary to withdraw medicine from the market. ARI (working group for complaints and recalls) has developed national guidelines for managing withdrawls. Tamro follows these guidelines and can help with both sharp and simulated indentations.

Feel free to contact us for advice. More information regarding withdrawals can be found on Röda webben, The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) and Swedish Medical Products Agency (LV).

In case of withdrawal:

  • During business hours, please call 031-767 75 00 to get in touch with your regular contact person.
  • Send the cancellation letter via email to info.varuforsorjarna@tamro.com
  • Outside regular business hours, please call Tamro's emergency services for withdrawals via Falck Läkarbilar on 040-22 35 38.

Material Safety Data sheet

Do you need safety data sheets for any of the products you buy from Tamro? Here you can easily access it in PDF format, when and where you need.

Here you can download current information.

Tamro’s owner PHOENIX group received its EcoVadis rating for 2022

EcoVadis is one the world´s largest provider of business sustainability ratings, covering a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labour, and Human Rights, Ethics Sustainable Procurement impacts.

The rating for 2022 is a Bronze Medal.