We are constantly developing our services to meet the challenges of the future. Here, you can have a look at what we are currently working on.

The medicine dispensing robot Smila

A long-awaited innovation for simpler medication management.

As part of Tamro's vital mission, we consider it essential to continually develop our offerings to facilitate Swedish healthcare. The digital medication robot Smila is a tool that provides the care recipient with more independence and the caregiver with greater ability to allocate time and resources where they are most needed.

Thanks to Smila's smart and innovative features, it both dispenses medication and reminds the care recipient to take their medication at the right time. This enables more efficient medication management even if the caregiver is remote. Additionally, caregivers are immediately alerted if a dose is missed for any reason.

For further information about Smila, please contact:

Carl Johan Hermansson, Product Manager, Tamro Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)31-76 77 619
Mobile: +46 (0)76-77 52 474