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Pontus Weghammar

Human Resources Officer

Tar vara på varje talang

Pontus Weghammar started working as a human resources officer at Tamro in 2012. He had recently completed a degree in occupational and public health science and had work experience in recruitment, sales, warehousing and industry. A suitably broad background for the various areas with which Pontus works – ranging from leadership development to increased participation at our distribution centres.

I work continually to develop Tamro’s HR-related processes and to ensure compliance with agreements and legislation in the best interests of all involved. The working environment at a distribution centre, for example, is physically demanding and sets the focus on working environment issues. By working to promote well-being we ensure that employees enjoy their jobs and want to remain at the company. In turn, this enables us to work effectively so that customers continue to choose Tamro.


Leadership is another interesting challenge – for us as well as every other organisation. At Tamro we want leadership to entail coaching and involvement while also enabling each individual to assume personal responsibility. My duties include, for instance, identifying our needs in leadership development and producing tools to meet those needs.

Tamro is a very good workplace. The professional and serious attitude that I saw during my recruitment remains. Tamro is a company that values orderliness and that appeals to me. I also appreciate the fact that my position gives me the opportunity to work across such a wide range – from smaller specific matters to broader general issues.