Handling and distribution


We take care of your pharmaceuticals and medical and healthcare products in the best possible way. When your goods arrive, we conduct a visual inspection and get back to you if any goods are missing or damaged. New products are weighed and measured, date markings are checked and everything is reported for inclusion in the industry database. If you need help notifying us that your goods are on the way, we can arrange this too. Your goods are stored at room or cold temperature and we can help you import temperature logs.

Our three distribution facilities are adapted for GDP (Good Distribution Practice). The advantage of having several facilities is that it helps shorten delivery times and offers increased safety margins in the distribution process.

Pick and pack

One stand-out feature that distinguishes Tamro is the blue totes we use to distribute pharmaceuticals and other goods to pharmacies and hospitals. Most goods are picked using a handheld scanner with a uniformly high picking precision of 99.9 percent. We also have automated facilities. Your merchandise is in good hands regardless of whether people or machines are doing the picking and the packing.


Some products are sensitive to humidity, strong light, certain temperatures and vibrations. Others are extremely expensive or fall into safety classifications. We handle every shipment with great diligence. All drivers attend annual training in quality and safety. Goods that require an unbroken cold chain are packed with care and shipped in a reliable and well-proven process.

Tamro delivers to pharmacies throughout Sweden within 24 hours. The flow of goods can be adjusted to suit your preferences. You can split your delivery, have your goods sorted by zone, forward goods from one pharmacy to another within your own pharmacy chain and control the flow of goods to ensure availability to patients.

We can also deliver pharmaceuticals directly to hospitals. Here too deliveries can be sorted by zone, in this case by care unit. Direct deliveries to patients, healthcare centres, private clinics and the like are possible, but must always be made via a pharmacy.

Returns and destruction

Unsaleable pharmaceuticals comprise a risk, not least for the environment. We handle returns from pharmacies and other customers and ensure that the products are destroyed in accordance with current legislation. We also take care of pharmaceuticals that are no longer needed and have been handed in at pharmacies throughout Sweden.

If you have pharmaceuticals or other merchandise in one of Tamro’s warehouses that cannot be sold for some reason, we can also help out with destruction. The same applies to products stored in your own warehouse.


If a pharmaceutical risks harming or causing discomfort to the user, it may be necessary to recall the product from the market. The ARI (LIF’s working group for complaints and recalls) has drawn up national guidelines for handling recalls in Sweden. Tamro follows these guidelines and can help with both actual and mock pharmaceutical recalls. Feel free to contact us for advice. More information is also available from LIF (trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) and LV (Swedish Medical Products Agency). 

In the event of a recall entailing the withdrawal of a product from the market, contact Tamro via telephone and send the final recall form via email. We will confirm receipt of the form. For pharmaceuticals suppliers, during normal working hours you can contact your ordinary goods provider at Tamro on the telephone number 031-767 75 00.  

Outside of normal working hours, contact Tamro’s emergency service for recalls via Falck Läkarbilar on the telephone number 040-22 35 38.


Do you need to get your vaccines to pharmacies, clinics, healthcare centres and vets? Contact Tamro. We ensure that your vaccines are picked and packed in the appropriate temperature-controlled environment and we monitor their temperature while in transit. You can expect secure warehousing, rapid deliveries and customer service with the market’s longest opening hours. We can also take care of invoicing and credit checks for you. 

Clinical trials

We handle and distribute clinical trial supplies based on your preferences. Among other things, we can help with warehousing within a specific temperature range, the acquisition of pharmaceuticals and comparators, repacking, returns and destruction, and statistical analysis. We send your trial supplies directly to the clinic if possible, otherwise via a local hospital pharmacy. Every step is documented for traceability.


Providing a pharmaceutical with new packaging or labelling in the appropriate language for the market may sound simple, but the regulations governing repacking are as strict as those for manufacturing. Tamro applies GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and all repacking and marking takes place in environments specially designed for the purpose.

Pharmaceutical samples

Let your customers sample the latest products. We can send your pharmaceutical samples to doctors, dentists, vets, consultants, district nurses and other approved recipients who would like to acquaint themselves with your products. We can also help you with information material distribution, reports, stock audits, customer list creation and official register checks.