Business analysis

Get to know Tamro's four packages within Business Intelligence better. The different levels allow you to match functions to your current needs and scale up when and if you need it.


The free version gives you access to some easy-to-understand information and several useful, digital services for business analysis. A great choice for small businesses, or for those exploring Tamro's digital services for the first time. This is included:

  • KPI widgets
  • Product information
  • Upload certificate
  • Notify submissions
  • Update delivery order
  • Place web order
  • Support via group email


In addition to the features in the free version, the BASIC version provides access to valuable data in real time. This makes is possible for you to take part of current updates that gives you control over your transports, orders and stock. This is included:

  • Everything included in FREE
  • Real-time data on: Completed transports, Delivery arrivals, Goods receipt, Inventory levels, Restorder


With this package you’ll have the opportunity to get more out of your real-time data thanks to groupings. Via this package you also get access to the light version of Tamro's web-based analysis tools for sales and stock. This is included: 

  • Everything included in FREE and BASIC
  • Grouping by product
  • Grouping by district
  • Analysis tools for sales and inventory (TWA Light)


With this package you’ll get access to the full-scale version of our web-based analysis tool which enables new analyses immediately in several different dimensions. You’ll get the maximum use for Tamro's digital services. This is included:

  • Everything that is included in FREE and BASIC
  • Grouping by product
  • Grouping by district
  • Analysis tools for sales, inventory, transactions, backorder and KPI (TWA)

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