Divided delivery.

With Divided Delivery, pharmacies can separate orders and deliveries that are in the same goods flows but get separate invoices. The service enables a separation of different profit centers and purchase prices with the same delivery address. A good solution if you have a department that delivers to customers other than your visitors.

To take part in the service, fill in this form and email it to kundservice@tamro.com no later than 15 days before the desired start. A separate GLN code is required to separate orders and goods flow.

Keep in mind that...

Divided deliveries can only be ordered from pharmacies that already have a permit to operate outpatient pharmacies from the Medical Products Agency. The delivery will be done to the address specified in the permit from the Medical Products Agency.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact Tamro's customer service by phone 0771-15 00 10 or e-mail kundservice@tamro.com.