Order & delivery.

Sometimes an additional order needs to be placed. This could be if a customer urgently needs a specific medicine, or if a product was missed when the order was placed. This service makes it possible to place an additional order, or an express order if the need is urgent.

Order and delivery is done through a manual order that Tamro's customer service registers. If you need the product immediately, order an express order. If you do so, the product is picked up and sent directly by a separate delivery truck to the pharmacy. If it’s not as urgent, choose an additional order. This will be sent with regular delivery.

To order an express order or an additional order, contact Tamro's customer service. We are available weekdays between 8am-5.15pm. You’ll receive a more precise delivery time during your orderprocess.

Do you have further questions or want to place an order?

Please contact Tamro's customer service by phone 0771-15 00 10 or e-mail kundservice@tamro.com.