Withdrawal of medications.

Anyone who manufactures or trades in medicine is required to have procedures in place for the withdrawal of a medicine when necessary. Our service "Withdrawal of medicines" ensures that a reliable procedure for this is in place.

The ARI-group (Arbetsgruppen för Reklamationer och Indragningar) has developed national guidelines for the handling of withdrawals. We follow these guidelines and can help with both live and simulated withdrawals.

Here's how it works:

You contact us if you need to withdraw a medicine. We will then stop all further deliveries of the corresponding goods/batches and forward the withdrawal letter in its original form to the customers concerned, other wholesalers, the main office of the pharmacy chain, independent pharmacies, the main office of the retail chain or other parties to whom medicines have been delivered.  

We can also, if desired, receive returned goods from the customers concerned and provide information on the number of returned packages.


+46(0)31-767 75 00, outside regular office hours contact Tamro's withdrawal service via Falck Medical Vehicles at the number +46(0)40-22 35 38.

Download withdrawal document here. 

More information regarding withdrawals is available at Röda Webben, Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF) and Läkemedelsverket.

If you have any additional questions?

Please contact us with any questions or for advice. Your contact person at the supply department will help you regarding withdrawal issues .