Reports that meet your needs.

We want to help our customers make the most out of relevant information, in the form of up-to-date reports - which you can access on your terms. Here you can read more about the different levels and options that Tamro offers and how they can fit your different needs.

Tamro's platform provides information in the form of sales statistics, stock levels and basic documentation for planning and invoicing. You can download the reports whenever it’s convenient for you - for a specific year or another specific time period that is relevant to you.


This level is included free of charge as part of our logistics service. This is a great way to start exploring the reporting options available through Tamro in areas such as sales statistics, stock levels, invoicing and much more.

Additional reports

As an extra bonus, there is also the possibility of adding additional reports. You can then access additional reports from Tamro's range.

Customized reports

We can also put together reports based on your specific needs and wishes - where we will tailor a solution specifically to you. You are involved in the design process and choose when and to whom the information is sent out.

Launch reports for unique insight

An additional add-on service from Tamro that provides you with a flexible solution for quick monitoring of sales and future availability of your products. The Launch Reports service gives you an overview of daily sales results as well as over an entire launch period. The service includes:

  • Reports sent by email to you and an unlimited number of recipients.
  • Sales shown in quantity, value and number of customers during the most recent day.
    • Quantity per day and the total for an entire launch period (visualized with a combination chart).
    • Number of customers per day for the entire launch period (visualized with a line chart).
    • Detailed reports for the latest day per customer, city, municipality and/or pharmacy chain.