Information and optimisation

Digital services

Whoever knows the most about customer behaviour is well placed to win the most business. Our digital services in business intelligence provide you with large amounts of valuable data. All simply presented to suit your needs. Business intelligence at its best.

TWA (Tamro Web Analysis) lets you follow the flow of your own goods at Tamro and in the market. This tool is also available in a simpler version, TWA Light. TFT (Tamro File Transfers) enables you to send business intelligence in a file format that can be imported into and processed by your own system. TWR (Tamro Web Reports) enables you to choose which type of information you want to be reported and when it should be sent.

If you’d like to receive information in real time, TWD (Tamro Web Direct) is the perfect choice. TWD is available in two versions, one for pharmaceutical companies and one for pharmacies.

Database management

TWM (Tamro Web Maintenance) is a database management system for managing information about products, districts, customers and budgets. Additions and updates made in TWM are also implemented in TWA and TWR.

Administrative support

There are many rules – both national and international – concerning the handling, distribution and destruction of pharmaceuticals. If you conduct cross-border trade within the EU, for example, you must submit an Intrastat report to Statistics Sweden. We can help you with such things.

Another area that requires much administration is the uploading of batch release certificates to show that your medicinal products are approved for sale within the EU. Arranging import and export licences when shipping goods classed as narcotics between countries also entails a great deal of paperwork. Here too Tamro can relieve your organisation. We have all the permits necessary to report narcotics to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

You must also report the amount of packaging you use to FTI (Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service) and SGÅ (Swedish Glass Recycling). Since we’re handling your goods anyway, let us take care of such matters and reduce your administrative burden.